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Services: Overview

As I mentioned above, the average software development project requires multiple talents. Every project requires a Project Manager, Business Analyst, one or more Computer Programmers, Software Testers, Database Architects, Technical Writers, System Administrators, etc. And that’s just the software development side. Add hardware installation, database configuration, web servers…the list is pretty long. That isn’t to say that one person cannot fulfill multiple roles – I do it all the time. But what I am trying to convey (in a long-winded way) is that you need more than a Computer Programmer to have a successful outcome. Much more.

Web Development Services
We wouldn’t be much of a software company if we didn’t offer web development services. Today, 75% of the applications we build are geared primarily for the web, and this should come as no surprise to anyone. The web is a big part of software development today, although mobile applications built for iPhone’s and iPad’s are gaining ground quickly. With 50+ web projects under our belt, if you have a web project we can probably help you.
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Computer Programming Services
Nowadays, it seems like everyone wants to be a computer programmer. Build a pretty website, download a free development tool or two, and you are in business. Oh yeah, don’t forget the business cards! If you’ve ever hired one of these guys, you already know building software correctly isn’t quite that easy. I can usually tell the experience of the developer by the coding standards they follow (or, more than likely, don’t follow). There’s a world of difference between software code written with the help of “The Idiots Guide to Programming”, and software code written by a professional. For starters, the professional designs the inner workings of the program code first, defining how the system architecture will be constructed. The professional established coding standards, including how to name properties, events, methods, tables, fields, etc. The professional plans the system internally before writing a single line of code. An amateur rarely does any of these things.
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Business Analysis Services
Your organization is pretty unique, and that “uniqueness” has probably led you to search for a custom software solution. After all, if an off-the-shelf solution existed, you’d probably buy it. When you go the custom route, the company/individual you hire is going to need to learn and document your unique business processes (needs), and come up with appropriate solutions. I’m talking about our business analysis services.

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